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Classic poutine: vegetarian or vegan?

Canada’s signature dish, poutine, has conquered hearts and taste buds far beyond its borders;

Traditionally made with crispy fries, cheese curds and a rich brown gravy, poutine is a true symbol of conviviality and gourmandise;

But for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, the question arises: is classic poutine suitable for their lifestyle?

The ingredients of classic poutine

To understand what’s at stake, let’s take a closer look at its ingredients;

The fries, a basic element, are in theory vegetarian. However, their vegetarianism can be compromised depending on the cooking method, especially if they are fried in an oil that is also used for meat products;

The cheese curd, on the other hand, is clearly vegetarian but not vegan, as it contains milk.

The sauce brune, often prepared with a meat-based broth, poses the biggest challenge: it’s neither vegetarian nor vegan.

Challenges for vegetarians and vegans

This analysis reveals that finding a classic poutine suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet can be a real obstacle course;

Vegetarians often have to make do with classic versions, while vegans face even greater obstacles, as cheese and sauce are key components of the original recipe.

This is where Poutineville comes in, offering creative and delicious alternatives.

Poutineville: A revolution in the world of vegetarian and vegan poutine

Fortunately, Poutinville offers a revolutionary solution to this dilemma; With its commitment to food inclusivity, Poutineville offers a unique poutine experience that respects both vegetarian and vegan diets.

Deep fryers dedicated to French fries

At Poutineville, the friesare cooked in a dedicated fryer, ensuring a truly vegetarian and vegan option. This attention to detail ensures that the fries retain their perfect crispness without compromising customers’ dietary principles;

Vegan cheese option

For vegans, Poutineville offers a vegan cheese, allowing everyone to enjoy poutine in its most authentic form.

Customizable with over 15 vegetables

The option of customizing your poutine with a choice of over 15 fresh vegetables is another highlight of Poutineville. This variety allows customers to create their ideal dish, adding color, texture and nutritional value to their poutine;

Although availability may vary by store, you can create your ideal poutine with tomatoes, sautéed onions, green onions, green peppers, jalapeños, hot peppers, mushrooms, green peas, black olives, coleslaw, corn, red peppers, marinated eggplant, zucchini, guacamole and fried breaded onions;

For those following a keto diet, discover our delicious Keto Poutine, a healthy alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Discover the unique flavors offered in our specific menus in Québec andMontréal.

Variety of vegan and vegetarian sauces

Poutineville stands out for its exceptional selection of sauces to suit all tastes and diets;

Among the veganoptions, you will find the classic poutinesauce, a rich red winesauce, a BBQsauce and a spicy 911 sauce.

For vegetarian options, in addition to vegan options, there’s the option of pepper sauce.

At Poutineville, every poutine is a culinary work of art, not only delicious but also respectful of everyone’s dietary choices;

A choice for everyone

Poutineville stands out for its inclusive approach, offering a culinary experience that will please everyone, whether you are vegetarien, vegan, keto or simply poutine lovers. When you visit Poutineville, you’re sure to find a poutine that not only respects your food choices, but is also bursting with flavor and creativity;

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