Restaurant Poutineville Saint-Roch (Québec City)

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About us

Welcome to Resto-Bar Poutineville St-Roch, your ultimate destination for delicious and authentic poutine. We are proud to serve the best poutines in the Quebec City area since we opened in 2015.

Our passion for poutine begins with the selection of the freshest and highest quality ingredients. We prepare our fries fresh daily and serve them with a variety of tasty sauces and original toppings.

Our team is made up of passionate and dedicated professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We are located in the historic district of St-Roch.
Trois amies assises à une terrasse du restaurant, mangeant une entrée, deux poutines et un burger accompagné de deux cocktails et une bière
Une fille coule une pinte de bière d'une tour à bière
Poutineville Saint-Roch - Vue arrière du restaurant avec une banquette rouge, de petits bancs rouge, un bar avec plusieurs tabourets et une tour à bière. Au fond, on voit une porte de garage et la façade tout vitré avec vue sur la rue Saint-Joseph
Poutineville Saint-Roch - Vue de haut des deux terrasses, une sur le trottoir avec une structure de métal et table en bois et l'autre dans la rue sur une plateforme en bois avec des bacs à fleur et table en bois.
Poutineville Saint-Roch - Étagère en vitre derrière le bar avec bouteilles d'alcools et verre à bière
Poutineville Saint-Roch - Section avant du restaurant avec mur de brique, projecteur et demi mur en bois avec vitrine, vue sur la rue Saint-Joseph


Our Poutineville St-Roch branch is ideally located in the historic St-Roch district, where there are many things to see and do. We are close to many cultural and entertainment attractions that are suitable for all ages and tastes.

History lovers can visit the Musée de la civilization de Québec which is an exciting museum presenting the history of human society and culture. With permanent and temporary exhibitions, it offers an interactive experience for visitors of all ages.

Nature lovers can explore the Jardin Jean-Paul L’Allier, located in the lively Saint-Roch district of Quebec City. This garden offers a peaceful green and flowery area with a playground, a picnic area and a large central fountain.

For sports fans, the Stade Canac baseball stadium is just minutes away, where you can watch minor league baseball games.

Shopping enthusiasts can visit St. Joseph Street, where there are unique boutiques, art galleries and restaurants that offer a pleasant shopping experience.

We are also close to many hotels, for travellers visiting Quebec City, and to various means of transportation to facilitate access to our location.

We hope you will take the time to visit these attractions during your stay, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Restaurant Poutineville Saint-Roch

735 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec

4.5 3,629 reviews

  • Avatar janer nicolas (nja) ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Super bonne poutine (la québécoise) , très généreuse et bon service 👍
  • Avatar Jérémy Caron ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Bon service
  • Avatar Erich Nolan Bertussi (ENBertussi) ★★★★★ a year ago
    poutineville in st roch is awesome, tonnes of sauces/gravies to choose and just about the fanciest poutine options you could ever hope to find..
    if you have never had poutine before go here with your bff or significant other or your pals.
    … More be sure all of you order different kinds of poutine then all share so you can all try different kinds. like with all their sauces and cheeses it would take you years to actually taste all possible combinations..
    great place for anglos from outside of Quebec muricans to try their first poutine for sure!
  • Avatar Muhammad Raza ★★★★★ a year ago
    Friendly staff, fast service
  • Avatar stephane mercadier ★★★★★ a year ago
    Excellentes poutine
  • Avatar Gaël Grégoire ★★★★★ a year ago
    Bonne grosse et grasse poutine délicieuse

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La Poutine Week 2024 - Chinese Fondue Poutine
LPW24_Poutineville_@AlexandreZacharie-(5)-1920 We are delighted to announce that the Restaurant Poutineville Saint-Roch and the Restaurant Poutineville Vieux Québec are participating in Poutine Week 2024! For this special occasion, we’ve concocted a unique creation: our delicious “Chinese Fondue Poutine” 🥢🧀. Chinese Fondue Poutine Enjoy our daily freshly hand-cut fries, generously topped with daily fresh cheese curds, Swiss cheese and tender chunks of beef, simmered in authentic Chinese fondue broth. The whole thing is crowned with a unique poutine sauce, subtly spiced with a hint of fondue broth; We finish this creation with crisp green onions and a lightly spiced maple sauce; Each bite is an explosion of freshness and innovation! 🍺 Accompany Your Poutine with Jetta Beer Complete the feast with our Jetta, a refreshing German Pilsner from Brasserie Alpha, perfect for balancing the rich flavors of our poutine. 🥳 Come Celebrate Poutine Week with Us We look forward to seeing you and sharing this unique culinary experience with you; Come and visit us, enjoy our special poutine, and don’t forget to vote for us! Join us in celebrating Poutine Week 2024 – we promise you an unforgettable experience! #LaPoutineWeek #PoutineWeek2024 #Poutineville #FondueChinoisePoutine #brasseriealpha
Poutine in Keto Mode
Ah, poutine! This comforting dish has conquered the hearts of so many gourmands across Quebec; But wait, what if I told you that it was possible to enjoy this delicacy while respecting the principles of the ketogenic diet? Yes, you heard me right! Today, I’m going to tell you about Keto Poutine, a revisited version of this classic that will awaken your taste buds without blowing up your carb counter. Poutine Keto, what is it? Magic Ingredients Keto Poutine is a bit like traditional poutine, but with a keto twist; We replace the potato fries with celeriac fries, the cheese curds remain (because, let’s be honest, that’s the best part) and the sauce; It’s a blend of flavors and textures that will make you forget you’re on a diet! My First Try of Keto Poutine I remember the first time I tried to make Keto Poutine at home; I was skeptical, but curiosity won out; And what a surprise! The celeriac fries were crisp to perfection! Satisfaction without Carbohydrates with Keto Poutine With Keto Poutine, you can finally enjoy a comfort food dish while sticking to your diet; It’s a game changer, believe me! Keto Poutine, Instructions for Use The Art of the Perfect Keto Fry At Poutineville, every Keto Poutine starts with fresh celeriac; We peel and cut them by hand, then blanch them in canola oil, just like traditional French fries; This method ensures a crisp texture and unrivalled flavour, making our Keto Poutine a delicious and healthy...
PoutineWeek 2023 - The Adobo
Poutineville_H@Alexis-Bourdages-1920 (1)
???? PoutineWeek officially begins on February 1 and runs through February 14! ???? Come and taste our original Poutine “The Adobo”, in the dining room, on delivery and to take away! ???????? Inspired by the Filipino cuisine, The Adobo will make you travel with its new flavors! ❤️ Made with fresh fries, fresh cheese curds and chicken marinated in a lightly spiced and sweet Adobo sauce, topped with fried onions, corn and a quail egg. ✨ Will you be tempted by this unique culinary journey? ???? And pssst: You can even add a refreshing 4.2% alcohol Belle Gueule to your meal. Cheers! ???? Price : $14.95
PoutineWeek 2022
Freshly cut Quebec fries, a generous portion of fresh cheese curds, red peppers and onions, green onions, dumpling, wonton and an imperial roll… all topped with an amazing Asian-style poutine sauce and served with the famous fortune cookies! It is even possible to accompany your meal with Japan’s #1 beer, the “Asahi”, a blond with 5% alcohol. Cheers! Price: $16
BurgerWeek 2022 - Black Garlic Smash
A smash burger with black garlic, lettuce, tomato, parmesan tile, fried onions, with emphasis on its fresh Angus beef patty, will surprise you! It is served with a black garlic and maple syrup mayonnaise and paired with Coup de Grisou beer! Price: $14.99 Possible accompaniment: Coup de Grisou beer (Spicy Buckwheat Ale)

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