Welcome to Poutineville!
In a casual dining atmosphere, Poutineville offers their clients the ability to create their own poutine. Choosing from a list of over 40 ingredients, including 11 different cheeses, a choice of four kinds of potatoes and five kinds of sauces, the possibilities are endless. All of Poutineville’s recipes use only high quality products such as Quebec cheese curds, farm-fresh local Quebec produce and premium meats. Poutineville offers a fine selection of wines, imported and domestic beers as well as an extensive cocktail list to compliment all dishes. For additional information or to coordinate an interview with a representative of Poutineville.


Montreal is known for its fabulous restaurants. Inspired by our city and it’s uniqueness, we came up with a concept that allows our customers to get creative with their poutines, a comfort food favourite. Our restaurants, now part of the Montreal culture, are cozy and intimate, the perfect setting for our customers to think outside the box and build their own poutine. With a glass of wine or a local microbeer in hand, our clientele definitely has fun playing with their food!


Our food speaks for itself. From potatoes hand cut and crushed daily, local fresh ingredients to our homemade Canadian ground beef burgers, we take pride in our quality and our attention to detail. Our customers leave the restaurant happy, an easy tell is the smiles on their faces and all the social media posts