Menu and Nutritional Information

Absolutely, we have taken steps to accommodate the needs of our customers with celiac disease. We offer gluten-free poutine options, with specially crafted gluten-free sauces. Although our fries are naturally gluten-free, it is crucial to mention that they may have indirect contact with gluten-containing foods during cooking, depending on the specific practices of each location.

Our Saint-Roch and Vieux Québec locations are particularly equipped to offer a satisfying dining experience for customers with gluten-free needs.

We advise you to contact the branch you wish to visit directly for detailed information and to inform the staff of your gluten intolerance when ordering, so we can take additional precautions for your food safety.

Yes, we offer several vegetarian and vegan options; We offer a vegan cheese and many of our sauces are also vegan; For more details and specific options, we invite you to talk to our staff when placing your order; They’ll be delighted to help you select or customize a dish to suit your preferences and dietary needs;

Of course! You have the freedom to personalize your dishes according to your preferences; Although some recipes have built-in ingredients, we are flexible to add or remove items to suit your tastes;

Create Your Own Custom Poutine: Plus, we’re thrilled to offer a unique experience where you can create your own custom poutine. With a list of over 45 ingredients, you can give free rein to your creativity and personalize your poutine to suit your every whim; Our staff is always on hand to help and guide you in creating your ideal dish;

Feel free to share your preferences with us when ordering, and we’ll be happy to cater to your specific needs for a memorable culinary experience.

The cost of a meal generally ranges from $8 to $20; We offer a wide range of options to satisfy both small budgets and those who wish to indulge in more luxurious choices, such as the addition of filet mignon on poutines; Despite the presence of more upscale options, our prices remain very affordable to ensure an exceptional culinary experience accessible to all;

No, although poutine is one of our specialties, our menu is diverse and also includes burgers, sandwiches, subs and salads; We strive to offer a variety of options to suit all tastes and preferences; We invite you to explore our menu to discover the richness of our culinary offerings;

Absolutely! We are excited to announce that keto poutine options are available at some of our locations, including at Saint-Roch and Vieux-Québec. These establishments offer celeriac fries, a tasty alternative that fits in perfectly with the requirements of a ketogenic diet; To find out more about our ketogenic diet poutine offerings and availability, please contact the branch you wish to visit directly; We are dedicated to satisfying a variety of dietary needs and offering an exceptional culinary experience to all our customers;

Yes, we offer a varied selection of alcoholic beverages, including a range of cask and canned beers, wine, as well as cocktails and sangrias. Please note that the availability of these beverages may vary from branch to branch; We invite you to consult the menu of the branch you plan to visit or to contact the staff directly for precise information on the options available;

Visits and reservations

Although you don’t need to make a reservation to enjoy a meal with us, we do offer the option of doing so for your convenience. You can easily book a table online by clicking here, by calling the branch of your choice directly, or by visiting us in person to arrange your reservation. We’re here to make your experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible;

At Poutineville, you can expect full table service from our dedicated and professional staff; We are committed to providing a quality, attentive and personalized culinary experience for every customer, guaranteeing a pleasant and memorable visit;

Yes, many of our Poutineville branches have outdoor terraces where customers can enjoy their meals al fresco and take in the pleasant atmosphere; It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy our delicious poutines in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere;

The atmosphere at Poutineville is warm and friendly; We have created a comfortable and welcoming environment where customers can relax and enjoy an exceptional culinary experience; Whether it’s a quick meal or a relaxed dinner, every visit to Poutineville is designed to be memorable and enjoyable;

Poutineville opening hours vary from branch to branch; We invite you to consult our branch page for detailed information on specific opening hours for each location.

Absolutely! Poutineville can accommodate large groups and special events; We offer spacious spaces and flexible menu options to suit every occasion; For detailed information or to plan your event, please contact the branch of your choice;

Yes, some of our Poutineville locations offer catering for external events, while others do not; We recommend that you contact the branch of your choice directly for specific information on availability and catering options;

Order and Delivery

Placing an order with Poutineville is quick and easy; You can order directly on our page, order now, or call the nearest branch. Each option is designed to provide you with an efficient and pleasant ordering process;

Yes, Poutineville offers a home delivery service, but options vary by branch; Some of our branches offer direct online ordering for delivery, while others use partner platforms such as Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes or DoorDash. We recommend that you check the specific delivery options available for your location on the order online or by contacting the branch of your choice directly.

Yes, the ability to order online depends on the Poutineville location you choose; Some of our branches allow customers to place orders online for in-store pick-up or home delivery; We encourage you to visit our page, order online or contact the specific branch for available options and ordering details.

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