We are delighted to announce that the Restaurant Poutineville Saint-Roch and the Restaurant Poutineville Vieux Québec are participating in Poutine Week 2024! For this special occasion, we’ve concocted a unique creation: our delicious “Chinese Fondue Poutine” 🥢🧀.

Chinese Fondue Poutine

Enjoy our daily freshly hand-cut fries, generously topped with daily fresh cheese curds, Swiss cheese and tender chunks of beef, simmered in authentic Chinese fondue broth. The whole thing is crowned with a unique poutine sauce, subtly spiced with a hint of fondue broth; We finish this creation with crisp green onions and a lightly spiced maple sauce; Each bite is an explosion of freshness and innovation!

🍺 Accompany Your Poutine with Jetta Beer

Complete the feast with our Jetta, a refreshing German Pilsner from Brasserie Alpha, perfect for balancing the rich flavors of our poutine.

🥳 Come Celebrate Poutine Week with Us

We look forward to seeing you and sharing this unique culinary experience with you; Come and visit us, enjoy our special poutine, and don’t forget to vote for us!

Join us in celebrating Poutine Week 2024 – we promise you an unforgettable experience!

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