La Poutine Week 2024 – Chinese Fondue Poutine We are delighted to announce that the Restaurant Poutineville Saint-Roch and the Restaurant Poutineville Vieux Québec are participating in Poutine Week 2024! For this special occasion, we’ve concocted a unique creation: our delicious “Chinese Fondue Poutine” 🥢🧀. Chinese Fondue Poutine Enjoy our daily freshly hand-cut fries, generously topped with daily fresh cheese curds, Swiss […]

PoutineWeek 2023 – The Adobo

???? PoutineWeek officially begins on February 1 and runs through February 14! ???? Come and taste our original Poutine “The Adobo”, in the dining room, on delivery and to take away! ???????? Inspired by the Filipino cuisine, The Adobo will make you travel with its new flavors! ❤️ Made with fresh fries, fresh cheese curds […]

PoutineWeek 2022

Freshly cut Quebec fries, a generous portion of fresh cheese curds, red peppers and onions, green onions, dumpling, wonton and an imperial roll… all topped with an amazing Asian-style poutine sauce and served with the famous fortune cookies! It is even possible to accompany your meal with Japan’s #1 beer, the “Asahi”, a blond with […]

BurgerWeek 2022 – Black Garlic Smash

A smash burger with black garlic, lettuce, tomato, parmesan tile, fried onions, with emphasis on its fresh Angus beef patty, will surprise you! It is served with a black garlic and maple syrup mayonnaise and paired with Coup de Grisou beer! Price: $14.99 Possible accompaniment: Coup de Grisou beer (Spicy Buckwheat Ale)

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