We are delighted to announce the upcoming opening of Poutineville Vieux Québec, a new branch located in one of the most historic and charming areas of the city. This new branch is the result of our commitment to provide a quality experience to our customers and to expand our presence in the market.

Old Quebec is a vibrant and lively area, known for its cobblestone streets, historic buildings and nightlife. Poutineville Old Quebec will be located in the heart of this unique atmosphere and will bring a touch of Canadian gastronomy to this area.

We look forward to offering our signature poutine menu, as well as healthy and delicious dining options, to our customers in Old Quebec. In addition, our team of professionals will ensure that each visit is a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Our goal is to become the preferred restaurant choice for residents and visitors to Old Quebec. We believe that our delicious menu, welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff will make Poutineville Vieux Québec a must for poutine lovers and foodies in general.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new location and showing you all that Poutineville has to offer! Follow us to stay informed of all the news about the upcoming opening of Poutineville Vieux Qu.bec.

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